Everything changes in nature, always and continuously, before our eyes. A woman’s soul makes no exception. It proves the rule. This is the idea behind KA-MO “multi-face” patented sandals: many different uppers that can be applied to the same sole just as easily as you can close a necklace. An idea that literally revolves around the locking of rings, thanks to which the interchangeable shoe upper becomes an accessory of an accessory, for a woman who’s free to change. Every time she feels like it.


Collection 2015
It is while travelling that our freedom to change is best expressed. A suspended dimension, far from anything, where anything seems possible. Even changing your destination every single day. Even changing your life. KAMO’s “IN VOLO” 2014 Collection is inspired by the journey of a practical-chic kind of woman, who knows she doesn’t have to miss out on anything. Getting lost inside a Kandinsky painting at the Guggenheim in New York or wandering between leathers and arabesques in an ancient medina; wearing a mask to mingle in the crowd of the Venice Carnival or walking peacefully between the historical artisan workshops of Florence. Everything is possible. The secret is to never stop. Keep on moving, even when you’re not moving. And while you’re on the ground, fly.