Camilla Stipa was born in Rome in 1971.‚Äč She had finished her studies and was working as a professional Gestalt Psychotherapist when, in 2009, her creativity began to imagine what, after a solid apprenticeship in shoe designing, would become KA-MO: a collection of multi-face patented design sandals, inspired by the traveller and practical chic woman. 

In 2012 she was scouted by Altaroma Altamoda, company chiefed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, to participate in the private sale Room Service - Designer on Stage and On-Demand Creative Craftsmanship

In 2013 she was selected among the finalist of Who Is On Next?, the prestigious contest for emerging designers promoted by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

Today, thanks to both her careers – therapist and designer – Camilla continues to delve into every aspect of the female universe. From head to toe.